About Me

Hiya, I’m Kevin Bell.

I love turtles. I grew up near a pond that was full of snapping turtles. Now and then I’d see them crawling across our front yard, which was always exciting.

We even kept one and named it “Snappy”. I realize now that’s a pretty common name for a snapping turtle, but I don’t care (hey, my name’s pretty common too…) He was a great turtle – lots of fun, actually. I remember feeding various insects to him, as well as veggies from the garden.

Since that time, I’ve become considerably more knowledgeable about turtles and now I write for this website as a fun side hobby. If you browse around a bit, you’ll find answers to common turtle questions, some recommendations for what to feed your turtle, and even product recommendations.

Hopefully you get some value out of this ‘lil site.

Glad you stopped by!