Can Turtles Eat Arugula?

arugulaArugula can be eaten by turtles. A little bit can’t hurt since it is healthy for them to eat. If you do decide to let your turtle or other aquatic pets eat arugula, just make sure that they are not getting too much of it because even if it is good for them, they can still overdose on good things which can lead to severe health issues.

Is Arugula Safe For Turtles?

It’s very safe for them. It has lots of nutrients for their growth and development so it’s a great vegetable to add to their diet!

How Much Can Turtles Eat Of Arugula?

Just like many plants and vegetables out there, too much can be bad so you can’t just let them eat it all day.

So can turtles eat arugula or not?

They can, but just in moderation (just like with everything else) and only as a snack to treat them or refresh their palate. They can grow very fond of certain things so if they decide that your Arugula is the food of choice then it can pose a bit of an issue in meal time since they are creatures that think for themselves…

So its best to make sure they are not getting TOO ahead of themselves by limiting their intake especially if you have other type foods available to them.

Just remember: no matter how cute and cuddly they seem, your pets are still animals and can can get themselves into just as much trouble as your next door neighbor’s cat can!