Can Turtles Eat Broccoli?

broccoliIf you are a turtle owner, you can serve your turtles broccoli. It is one of the best vegetable that can give benefits to your pet tortoise. Actually it can help them have long healthy life and can also support their immune system. Vegetables can also prevent digestive track problem which can be found in most tortoises.

Tortoises usually eat grass or hay as their food source which contains very low amount of nutrients and Vitamin A. This can make them mostly grow slower than other animal species with higher growth rate of their body size like dog, cat, monkey, duck etc. So by means of this kind diet it makes it easier for them to survive on lower nutrition level but what if they can have more nutritious food that can also keeps their immune system strong like broccoli. So can turtles eat broccoli? The answer is Yes!

The benefits of broccoli are many and can be seen clearly after a short period of time. Well, it’s not actually “bruciferous” which means it can not only help tortoises to have strong body and immune system but can also increase metabolism rate in the pet turtle. Therefore, they can grow faster than before with higher level of active energy than usual.

There is no need for you to worry about your pet turtle when feeding them fresh or frozen broccoli. They can consume this vegetable easily as long as you cut it into small pieces so they will have easier time chewing and digesting in their stomach.

Although high nutrition content can be found in vegetables like broccoli, it can make them easily get diarrhea or stomach pain if you feed them too much amount per time. Therefore, you need to cut large fresh vegetables into small pieces and mix with other low calorie foods such as cereal grasses or lettuce so it can keep them healthy without having any digestion problem. If you think that your pet turtle is unable to chew and digest vegetables like uncooked broccoli by itself because of its hard texture then just cook it first before feeding it to them.

Broccoli can be added in your pet turtle’s diet as a source of calcium which can help them to grow their shell stronger. As the facts mentioned above, you can feed fresh or frozen broccoli to your pet turtle with safe and healthy way.

In case you want to provide them with more nutritious food, I can recommend kale and lettuce. But be careful not to give too much of these vegetables because they are really high in calcium content which can cause issue for your pet turtle’s shell especially the soft shelled species like box turtle or tortoise. Also do not forget to wash it thoroughly before serving it to them because this will help remove potential pesticides or other toxins that can harm on your pet turtle’s health. If you don’t like to waste food, you can also feed spinach instead if salad goes bad too quick and you have issues of expiration dates.