Can Turtles Eat Flies?

fly insectYes, they can but it all depends on the age of your pet and how well he can handle live food. If he can then there is certainly nothing wrong with feeding him flies!

Are flies a good source of nutrients for turtles?

In short, yes. Flies can be a very good source of nutrients for turtles because they can contain traces of essential minerals and vitamins that can benefit the turtle’s shell and skin. However, there can also be some dangers to eating flies so you must make sure that your pet can cope with them.

Are flies safe for turtles to eat?

It can depend on the type of fly that you are talking about but generally speaking yes, some types of fly can be perfectly safe to eat as long as they are not carrying diseases or other harmful substances in their bodies. Always research any food before feeding it to a turtle so that you can know exactly what risks there may be.

Sorry this isn’t such a quick answer! Flies can indeed make a great food source for turtles but can also be very dangerous if your pet can’t cope with them. If you are patient and can keep yourself calm then it can be worth introducing a fly or two into the water once in a while to give him something new to play with – he may even be able to catch one! Just make sure that he can eat it before doing so, keeping an eye on how he reacts to it and making corrections if necessary.

How to feed flies to your turtle:

  • Make sure that you can get a handle on the fly in case your turtle can’t eat it straight away – you don’t want him to torment it too much!
  • Place the fly near your pet’s head; don’t drop it straight into his water because this can cause him to panic and can scare him away from the food.
  • If he doesn’t react after a while then try moving the fly closer to the edge of the tank so that he can see it better – moving it back if he becomes scared or is having no luck catching it.
  • Be patient! Don’t force your pet to chase the fly if he doesn’t want to, but don’t feed him something new all of a sudden without giving him time to get used to it and understand what is happening.

It can take some turtles a little while to get used to eating live food so be careful at first and avoid forcing them into it; instead try tempting them with slowly moving prey as they can sometimes have more success with this than moving targets.

If you can find a way to place flies in the tank discreetly then you can even give your turtle an insect or two every once in awhile as a treat when you notice that his shell seems dull or his skin looks bad – remember that fresh fruits and vegetables are still the most effective way of keeping your turtle healthy but supplements can do wonders if you can’t find a way to give him enough of them!