Can Turtles Eat Kiwi?

kiwi fruitYes, turtles can eat kiwifruit.

I can’t recall the first time I fed a turtle kiwi but it seems to be common practice as long as you can remove the seeds from the fruit before feeding it to your pet turtles. I can remember seeing pictures of people feeding their turtles kiwi on various websites and even in books when I was younger so most likely I saw it and decided to try giving my own turtles some kiwi while they were still hatchlings before getting them out on display where we didn’t have too many edible plants for them to eat if they got hungry enough.

Kiwis look like tasty little fruits with lots of fleshy goodness inside that can help aid in digestion for your turtle (or can be used to help put up a fight against those nasty bloat-causing submersed plants) so it’s no wonder they’re favored by aquatic turtles as long as you can cut them open and remove the seeds before feeding.

Do Turtles Like Kiwi?

Most turtles will like kiwi, but if your turtle has been eating fruits and vegetables for years now then this food can get old after awhile so don’t go crazy with it or all of a sudden start introducing kiwi into their diet every day. A few times a week should do just fine but make sure to vary the fruit in your turtle tank. For example, go from banana to apple to pear and back again.

Can Turtles Eat Kiwi Seeds?

Yes, turtles can eat kiwi seeds.

Since most people can’t cut up a kiwi for eating without getting hit with the tiny little seeds then I can understand the hesitation of feeding kiwi to turtles. It can be frustrating trying to cut one up and those darn seeds keep ending up in your lap (or on your shirt) instead of inside that big open mouth of yours. The good news is that if you can get over cutting up kiwis for feeding them to your turtles then you can pretty much rest assured knowing that there shouldn’t be any issues when it comes times for your turtle’s next meal or even weeks after feeding him/her a kiwi or two.

It can also be helpful to simply feed your turtle the seeds that can still be seen inside a sliced up kiwi. They can pick at them and eat them right from their tank.

Why Feed Turtles Kiwi?

As I mentioned earlier, kiwis can help aid in digestion for your pet turtles but that’s really not good enough reason to start feeding it on a regular basis. It can also help put up a fight against those nasty bloat-causing submersed plants your turtle might have been eating too much of if you can’t move his/her tank to another area with no such plants.

You can also easily harvest some kiwi leaves for those turtles with bad eyesight and can’t make out the difference between a live plant and plastic or fake ones. Just avoid the stems of the plant since they can get tangled up in your turtle’s shell or other plants he/she might be munching on at that time if you can’t cut up all of them before feeding.

The Verdict: Kiwi Is Bad For Turtles Or Not?

Kiwi is great for turtles as long as it’s well rinsed off to remove any pesticides from being sprayed on it while growing. Be sure to feed your turtle kiwis very few times a week, not more than once every two weeks if you can help it.

The only reason kiwi can be bad for aquatic turtles is because they can’t move the tank to an area without any nearby submersed plants that can kill them off or cause a life-threatening case of bloat from overeating on them.