Can Pet Turtles Live with Goldfish?

Goldfish can be very harmful to aquatic turtles, as can any large fish. There are multiple reasons why goldfish can harm a turtle. Let’s cover some of the top ones first. All goldfish contain an enzyme called thiaminase that can destroy or deplete Vitamin B1 found in aquatic turtles’ diets. If ingested by turtles, it … Read more

Is Tortoise Pyramiding Permanent?

The answer to this question is yes, but only when living in the confinement of captivity. With a proper diet that includes all essential vitamins, minerals and protein intake along with adequate UV light exposure and natural (non-artificial) sunlight, they can live normal healthy lives. However, tortoises who are kept in poor captive environments or … Read more

Does Pyramiding Hurt Tortoises?

A common question new tortoise owners ask is, Does pyramiding hurt my tortoise? In this blog post, I will discuss the possible causes and contributing factors to calcium pyramids in captive chelonians. Pyramiding in tortoises occurs when an animal does not receive enough dietary calcium to meet their requirements. This results in the skeleton being … Read more

Are Turtles Lizards? Answer Revealed

The term lizard has a specific meaning to scientists, and that meaning does not include turtles. Therefore, turtles are not lizards. Simply put, most species of turtle are reptiles that belong to the taxonomic order Testudines, while lizards are vertebrates belonging to the taxonomic order Lacertilia. The two orders are very distinct from one another … Read more

Are Turtles Mammals? Complete Answer

Turtles are reptiles, not mammals. Reptiles are a group of cold-blooded animals that are distinguished by their dry scaly skin and their ability to breathe air. They are considered “cold blooded” because they are unable to control or regulate their own body temperature, so must rely on external sources for heat. This is in contrast to … Read more