Large Turtle Basking Platform (Buying Guide)

turtle on basking platformFor best results your turtle basking platform should be at least twice the length of your turtle to allow him/her to completely stretch out.

Anchoring it down will also prevent tipping and stranding on a submerged edge when he/she gravitates toward one side while basking, or entering after falling over vertically into the water (never encourage this!).

It should provide 1/2 way submerged under-belly exposure for healthy natural UVB rays from the sun. With transparent glass tanks for UVB penetration see note below in “Caution”.

Reptile carpet is best for traction, reducing injury by slipping as they move around.

Steer clear of wood platforms because bacteria grows between beads creating ideal homes for parasites (CCA chemicals are best left off wood as well).

Take into consideration not just the size of your turtle but also his/her favorite hang outs in and around the water.

Extending past walls or rocks that box him/her in will increase exposure to UVB rays.

And be wary of platforms with gaps between sections that could come apart when the turtle tries to hop over them, creating an uncomfortable fall.

It is best to buy a basking platform that is at least 3 feet long if your turtle will be kept indoors, and around 4 feet long if it will be kept outdoors.

  • Serviceability – Large basking platforms are generally considered to have more serviceability than small ones, because they do not require modification after purchase. Larger basking platforms can also accommodate larger turtles who need more coverage from sun or heat.
  • Sturdiness – Large turtle basking platforms are often sturdier due to their size and design, which means fewer tipping incidents occur in comparison with smaller ones. This is especially true for outdoor enclosures where wind can be a factor, or if your turtle is a particularly active basker.
  • Useful accessories – Some large basking platforms have useful accessories such as an attached ramp that leads to the top deck. These extras can make your turtle’s life easier by providing more room for resting, which is especially helpful to older turtles and ones with mobility problems.
  • Retrofitting – If you are not satisfied with the size of your current basking platforms, large ones can often be retrofitted in order to accommodate larger terrarium sizes and tanks. This allows owners to make best use of their existing equipment and avoid future expenses in some cases.
  • Safe design – Large turtle basking platforms are designed specifically to keep turtles safe while they bask, so there should be no concerns about loosely-placed components that could cause injury or limb entanglement.
  • Accommodation – Larger turtle basking platforms are best for turtles who need extensive coverage from sun and heat in order to bask; they can also provide enough space for multiple turtles to rest comfortably without crowding each other. Owners with large, active aquatic pets will also appreciate the extra room provided by larger ones.

Most owners prefer larger turtle basking platforms because of their serviceability, sturdiness, and convenience factors, which make them best overall choices to buy for any pet owner interested in long term use.

Large basking platforms are best to buy for outdoor settings, because of their sturdiness and wind resistance. They can also be retrofitted into large terrariums and tanks if need be, which is a beneficial aspect that smaller ones do not have.

If you own a particularly active turtle or one who needs extensive coverage from temperature extremes in order to bask effectively, then it would best to invest in a large basking platform that will best accommodate the type of enclosure your pet turtles require.