Can Turtles Eat Brussels Sprouts?

Brussels sprouts can be a real treat for tortoises. These tasty veggies can add color and variety to your turtle’s diet. The can also provide valuable vitamins and minerals that can keep your pet happy, healthy, and active. Letting your tortoise have access to brussels sprouts will depend on the age of the creature as … Read more

Are Turtles Lizards? Answer Revealed

The term lizard has a specific meaning to scientists, and that meaning does not include turtles. Therefore, turtles are not lizards. Simply put, most species of turtle are reptiles that belong to the taxonomic order Testudines, while lizards are vertebrates belonging to the taxonomic order Lacertilia. The two orders are very distinct from one another … Read more

Are Turtles Mammals? Complete Answer

Turtles are not mammals but belong to the reptile group. Reptiles are characterized by their cold-blooded nature, dry scaly skin, and reliance on external heat sources. In contrast, mammals are warm-blooded animals that can regulate their own body temperature. The term “Mammal” is derived from the Latin word “mamma,” meaning breast. Mammals are distinguished by … Read more