Can Turtles Eat Dandelions?

dandelionsDandelions can be found in many yards and parks around the United States. Even if you can’t find them they can still be seen in movies and cartoons because of their bright yellow flowers. Dandelions are very common plants that can grow up to 2 meters tall with white, yellow or pale pink flowers. They can be eaten by humans so why can’t they also be eaten by animals such as turtles? In this article we will attempt to determine whether turtles can eat dandelions or not.

Are dandelions safe for my turtle to eat?

What could possibly harm a turtle that would eat a dandelion flower? Most people think that dandelions are very safe for their pets to eat because it can’t possibly pose a threat. As humans we can clearly see that the dandelion has little value in terms of food and can easily be overlooked. Although this is true, many can still be convinced otherwise based on its looks alone. For example there are many poisonous plants out there that can also look harmless but can harm your pet turtle if ingested; such as ferns, lilies, tulips and foxglove are some common examples of toxic plants. These are just some examples of what makes dandelions unsafe for turtles to eat based off their appearance alone.

Dangers that can affect my turtle if they eat dandelions:

  • Dandelions can cause liver damage.
  • Dandelions can bind with toxins in the items you feed your turtle as well as from harmful chemicals that can cause digestion issues as well.
  • The dandelion can also be constipating to turtles because of its high fiber content.

Dandelions can pose various threats to your pet turtle if they are ingested. If you choose to give them dandelions in addition to their regular food it is important that you only do so on occasion and not every day. You can even include dandelions once per week for treats or just on days when they are feeling under the weather. There is no reason why a turtle can’t occasionally eat some dandelions to add color and variety to their diet.

Are dandelions good for turtles?

It can be tempting for humans to give their pet turtles some dandelion flowers just because they can eat them and can look appealing on top of the food bowl. If you are choosing to feed your turtle with dandelions it is important that you understand why these can harm them as well as what can go wrong when feeding your turtle with dandelions if done so incorrectly. Just like many other animals, a turtle can die from consuming too much fiber or not enough water. It can also cause various digestive problems or can do harm to their liver. Although a dandelion is not very valuable in terms of food, it can still be eaten by your pet turtle occasionally if you know how much they can have and what the consequences can be from feeding them too often.

So, can turtles eat dandelions?

As we learned earlier, yes turtles can eat dandelions but care needs to be taken as to what can happen when they are ingested throughout the day or week. As long as you understand the possible risks that can arise from giving your turtle dandelions along with other food items then there should not be any problems (other than if your pet turtle can eat dandelions then you can probably give them many other vegetables as well). This can help you in providing more variety and nutrients for your pet so it can grow strong.