Can Turtles Eat Brussels Sprouts?

brussels sproutsBrussels sprouts can be a real treat for tortoises. These tasty veggies can add color and variety to your turtle’s diet. The can also provide valuable vitamins and minerals that can keep your pet happy, healthy, and active.

Letting your tortoise have access to brussels sprouts will depend on the age of the creature as well as its size. Young turtles can eat these delicious treats when they are still small. Older specimens should only get limited amounts because too many can cause digestive problems which can be fatal. Just like with any food you want to give to your turtles, it is best to start with a small amount before increasing the intake in order to avoid any stomach upsets or digestive issues.

You can serve your tortoise brussels sprouts fresh by simply cutting or tearing up the vegetable into bite size pieces. If you are planning on letting your pet enjoy these tasty treats for dinner, then you can sauté them until they are softened. Another option is to steam the vegetables for around five minutes, and then set aside to cool down before feeding it to the turtle.

You can also feed these veggies to your turtles by shredding them in a food processor. This can be fed raw or can be lightly cooked over low heat on the stovetop for around 10 minutes.

Brussels sprouts can come in handy when you are trying to get rid of mites and ticks that can infest your pet tortoise. If you are planning to introduce brussels sprouts into your pet’s diet, then make sure that it is always fresh and high quality. You do not want to give this vegetable if it is too old as it can cause indigestion problems as well as serious diarrhea, leading up to dehydration or worse.