Can Turtles Eat Cantaloupe?

cantaloupe slicesCantaloupe is a kind of melon that is very sweet to eat. It is usually orange or yellow colored on the outside and with a thick green skin, which is what contains nutrients for our body inside of it. Turtles can like eating some cantaloupe to keep their bodies strong because it has lots of sugar in it. The shell is also made out of calcium from bones which makes turtles get stronger as they grow up older.

First, you need to make sure your turtle is at least two years old before giving them any pieces of cantaloupe. Younger turtles are not ready for food that is too ripe or full with seeds in it because those could hurt them and give them problems when they grown up. Even though turtles are reptiles they can still digest food without teeth because they have a very strong stomach that is like a machine. If your turtle is small and only has little bumps on it where its scales are, you cannot feed it any pieces of cantaloupe yet because it is not ready for those. You will need to wait until the bumps spread out more so that the shell is smooth all over. This is when your turtle is old enough to eat some melon because digestion is possible now.

Second, you want to make sure that inside of the cantaloupe is all nice and clean before feeding it to turtles. If you do not clean out the inside of a melon before feeding them to turtles, you could hurt or even kill your pet with lots of stomach problems.

Finally, is cantaloupe safe for turtles to eat? Yes! Cantaloupe is one of the best kinds of food for growing up turtles and is usually easy to find in grocery stores. Just make sure it is ripe enough on the outside and all cleaned out on the inside before giving it to them because anything else can get stuck in their body.